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Animals are sensitive and have a rich emotional inner world. They can feel joyous and happy but also stressed, anxious, insecure, rejected and abandoned. They easily take on stress from family members and can suffer the loss of a loved one. They can also resent someone, even if something was not meant to be hurtful. Animals have their own perception of what has happened. Traumas of the past or being tense about what is to come has an enormous impact on their behavior and well-being. In other words, a range of deep feelings and experiences can lie hidden under their behavior and physical conditions. These obstacles can be solved. A healing can support them in this.

Even when animals are at the end of their lives, during a healing consultation messages to each other and final wishes can be made known. ThetaHealing® can put animals at ease, so that they feel relaxed and peaceful before they pass.

Purpose of our sessions with animals

In a remote healing session, Manon intuitively feels what is going on within the animal, from which bad feelings they suffer and where there is physical imbalance. With the loving, powerful ThetaHealing® techniques she makes the animal free of shock, trauma, heavy emotions and misconceptions and supports the body where necessary with focused attention and healing. With this, animals usually feel lighter immediately. This change of feeling influences their experience of life and with that also their health, overall well-being and behavior.

Result of our sessions with animals

Animals are very receptive to healing. Now that the inner obstacles has been removed, the self-healing ability has improved and they are more free to feel happy. The influence of this is direct and supports the healing process. Animals are worth being pain-free and happy.

Disclaimer: Although there is no guarantee or promise that the desired results are achieved through ThetaHealing®, animals always receive relief from every healing they receive. Effective results are realized immediately almost every time. Read more about results achieved in animals in the testimonials.

Therapy themes

Themes examples where ThetaHealing® Therapy supports Animals and enables improvements:

Physical Health:

Illness and disorders, pain, after an accident and/or surgery.

Emotional wellbeing and behavior:

Letting go of stress, trauma, separation anxiety (coming from shelter / or from other family), abuse, neglect, trust issues, other fears, depression, anger, aggressive behavior, nervousness, improving relationships, destructive habits (for oneself or for others like biting, urinating at home).


Dealing with relocation, staying at a shelter during holiday, visiting a veterinary surgeon, being attacked by a human or animal, loss of a loved one, terminal care/guidance.

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Note: The first healing for your animal takes 60 minutes and must be paid in advance. ‘Follow ups’ can take up 30 to 60 minutes and can be paid afterwards. The pre-and post-work is included in the price. An audio recording of the healing is sent digitally.

STEP 1: Fill out the request form per animal with the necessary information via the orange button (if you have not already done so)

STEP 2: Pay the first healing in advance (60 min. per animal) via the first blue button down below.

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Book an animal healing

60 min. Animal Healing

including pre- and post work
€108.90  (incl.vat)

45 min. Follow Up Animal Healing

including pre- and post work
€81.68  (incl.vat)

30 min. Follow Up Animal Healing

including pre- and post work
€54.45  (incl.vat)

Animal Healing experiences with Manon


Sydney, Australië

“Rafi, my kitten, got run over, traumatized with a broken pelvis. We were almost certain he would lose his tail. Theta Healing and Manon’s care and attention facilitated nothing short of a miracle.”



“We called Manon in the middle of the night as the cat was dying from severe carbon monoxide and the cat is still alive and kicking! Txs Manon.”



“I was having issues getting my dog to calm down and go to bed. Now, getting Jubie to go to sleep is a breeze. One session, exceptional results. Thanks Manon.”



“Our dog was in a lot of pain with terrible mouth ulcers. She started to improve almost immediately. 3 weeks later I have the miracle that I was hoping for.”



“You were spot on about our dog. We took your advice on how to treat him. He has stopped doing his business in the house. It has worked.”



“Sawyer, my dog is generally so much better now, his face looks happy, he plays with his toys, he is clearly so much more comfortable in his body.


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