Sydney – Australië 2016

“Do you know the feeling when you write a testimonial and want the words to be right, meaningful, and show how grateful you are, in honor of the person who made such a

difference in your life? I want to say that Manon gave me my life back. And I am writing to you months after, so yes, it holds, it does and that is fantastic. My life had been taken away by migraines. Minimum 3-4 days out of a week of 7 days, I was unwell, sometimes with excruciating pain, sometimes numbed by panadol. That had become a huge problem. To that added the fear of when the next migraine would be there. Doesn’t help does it?
Little did I know that after 3 hours with Manon (and one further hour later) I would be free of 3 whole years of atrocious migraines…
Smiling… smiling more… that’s what I do as I am rediscovering what it means to truly LIVE LIFE… in a simple way… step by step :-)”

Jess Lively
Online while traveling !

“I love working with Manon! Through our sessions together I’ve reversed limiting and unconscious beliefs around food sensitivities.  As a result, I now get to

enjoy gluten, dairy, eggs, and peanuts without the worry… or bloating/acne/digestion issues that I used to have.”

Kelly Smith
Sydney (Australia)

“I absolutely love the concept of Theta-Healing, and I’ve witnessed the incredible quantum leaps in life both myself and friends have made after healing sessions with Manon.

You could either sit in therapy sessions for 20 years, or you could get straight to the source of the problem with theta-healing and get on with your life.
Manon is a sensitive and sincere practitioner, with amazing intuitive abilities. She works in partnership with you to really discover and resolve the core issues and beliefs that are subconsciously negatively driving your life. I came out of my healing sessions feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, friends said I looked ten years younger and my entire life took a quantum leap forward.”


“I can not recommend Manon enough! She helped me heal from a very dark time in my life. A year and a half on from my first session with her

and the effects of her healing techniques are still strong. Thank you, Manon!

Leanne Scott, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Queensland, Australia

“My name is Leanne Scott and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). I began exploring Theta Healing while working with my clients,

as I realized that the more that one balances the biochemistry of the body, the more the mind begins to open up to its own self awareness and its own self limiting beliefs. I quickly realized there was no effective conventional resources available to adequately assist clients through this process. I began exploring the role of the subconscious and its affect on physiological function. Similar to the way NTP’s support and correct physiological dysfunction – like peeling back layers of dysfunction very much like an onion, I discovered the mind accumulates limiting beliefs in a very similar way.  This lead to a gradual education process through multiple modalities- gently educating clients to the realm of their own inner capabilities. Although I feel this gradual education process is necessary, I have found that ultimately there is  nothing more effective for correcting psychological and long term physiological dysfunction like Theta Healing. It has been the single most effective work I have experienced both as practitioner and as a client. It has been paramount in providing clients with the tools to calming their nervous system and truly mastering their own optimal long term health. Manon has become an integral part of my practice and I highly recommend her for both sessional work and her educational workshops.”

Maria B, Medical Secretary
Sydney, Australia

“Thank you very much Manon for your help with the work issue I was going through. Your gentleness, simple and effective digging processes

help uncover lingering beliefs. While we cleared some beliefs, I felt lighter and happier as you know but what I received 3 days later was a miracle. My knees were in terrible pain with torn ligaments by an injury at work, after the ThetaHealing session, my knees were completely healed, no pain and I could straighten my knees! While working on one issue, it completely healed another. This was simply amazing! This is my miracle to this day. Thank you Dear Friend.”

Sydney, Australia

“I approached ThetaHealing with curiosity and got Manon’s contact details through referral. I had a physical issue and I was more than happy to give

to this healing technique a go. I had a Skype session and from the start I felt very comfortable and at ease. Manon is very easy to talk to. I have to say the healing was very powerful and I felt the energy all across my body. The physical problem was gone by the day after the session and I was extremely happy to have a 100% functional body again. I will recommend Manon to anyone, she is the real deal.”

James Williams

“Working with Manon has been truly revealing and effective. As with any process like this it requires openness and vulnerability.

This work requires full commitment and Manon creates the space for that to be very comfortable. As somebody that has been very focused on health and fitness I was making a lot of food wrong and not enjoying my food any more. Working with Manon has completing changed that and now I can be healthy and guilt free with my diet and my relationship with myself.”

Paul, 83 years old


“I came to Theta Healing through Stuart Wilde who talked about Theta Waves. After only a few interesting and revealing sessions, a lot of ingrained negativity

and harmful belief systems have been cleared from my thinking and my being. I am amazed at how much difference it has made in my closest relationship, I have found peace, acceptance and self worth as well as optimistic thoughts about my future where good things are possible. I would recommend Theta Healing to anybody who is emotionally challenged.”

Jessica Brammer-Schreuder
The Netherlands 

“I have done the Basic Package with Manon. This lovely, powerful open woman is very good at what she does. She knows how to get though to the core,

asks the right questions and keeps asking until the relevant beliefs arise. Sometimes you are astonished finding out the kind of ‘links’ your subconscious apparently has made…. by testing you find out. And the best thing is that she can remove these ‘misconceptions’ from your system en place something better/beautiful in return. It has certainly brought me a lot! I am very grateful to her for that. And I believe this is a task that will never be finished. Self-development remains super valuable. I think I will consult Manon more often. I can recommend her wholeheartedly!”

Australia (after the Rhythm Theta Weight Loss Program)

“My name is Sophia, I am 15 years old, soon to be 16. I experienced years of bullying at school because of my weight, I have always been very tall for my age

and my weight wasn’t helping the situation at all. I had very low self-esteem and really wasn’t happy with the way I looked, I tried numerous diets, but all failed. We all know when you start a diet, you have to stick to it forever, stop and you will gain all the weight back. of course everyone has a different body shape, and I know I will always be a curvy lady, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I was over weight and being over weight is never fun nor healthy. With the Theta healing I received I have lost 10 kg in 8,5 weeks without making a dramatic change to my lifestyle. The theta healing taught me how to chose the right foods, and without even realizing it I have started to buy that delicious looking Fruit salad instead of the bag of chips. 8.5 weeks ago I would have without a doubt bought the bag of chips. Besides choosing the right foods I also feel much more confident and happy about myself and about my life. I think about my future everyday and make new plans every minute. I noticed a huge difference in my spiritual awareness as well, I care more about the world, such as; war, poverty, starvation and the destruction of our very own earth, I have a great passion for music and the way I write music has changed, my songs have much more life in them. I have also noticed a change in the way friends behave, they have started to see me as an ‘inspiration’, many of my friends have come up to me and told me I have changed their lives and that I always look on the bright side of things, many have asked me how I did it. And the answer is simply Theta Healing!

It has changed my life, after years of being put down, picked on, laughed at and under-estimated I finally have the courage and strength to be myself. Thank you Manon de Jongh for filling my world with love, excitement, awareness and bravery.”

The Netherlands

“I met Manon through my girlfriend at that time and had a welcome session. I was skeptical, especially with the part we / she

commands the universe, but still, I was intrigued. It was a period of lots and lots of things happening. Divorce, grief, loneliness, new girlfriend, reflection, changing world and energy, discovery, letting go.

A session booked with Manon. ThetaHealing. Well, we would see. My body answered the questions that Manon established. Open, honest, frank and free. Manon a detective who knew how to translate the answers of my body into the elements that I bumped into. Disbalance. The man, woman in me. Disbalance with my right leg truly being shorter than my left leg. I commend the universe .., it is almost a mantra, an affirmation, but one for me that revealed where I stood and what I stand for. Does “instant healing” really exist or is it primarily a fashionable cry, a commercial understanding to make it easy for us? Hmm. I believe that we are here to learn, to live and to love. Harmony. Our soul knows why we are here. Letting our personality interact in dialogue with the soul will make our journey towards our future easier. But that does not mean that there are no bumps to take. We are here to learn.

Thetahealing, but for me especially Manon provides insight where we stand, what our issues are. What that means. And what we can do about it. And yes, if we understand it, if we see what we have to learn from it perhaps what we already have learned, then there is instant healing. And that is permanent. Manon de Jongh can help you making it clear, as a detective interpret and translate the signals from your body. And bring relief where necessary.”

Georgina Delamain, Director of Discover-Balance

Sydney, Australia

“I came to Manon for Theta Healing not fully aware how powerful this process was and how she would be able to help me change …

… belief systems that were of no benefit to my life now. It has been a great experience not only from the healing side but to have the possibility to get to know this very powerful very personable and fun healer who is not only very knowledgeable but also creative and great company.

I leave each session feeling positive and ready to expect more from myself. It is a very inspirational and empowering experience which I would definitely recommend”.

Alexandra, Business Owner

Australia, by Skype

“Just ONE session with Manon and a huge shift happened in my business life. I had 2 businesses where I couldn’t get to increase …

…the number of clients. I booked a session with Manon and boom, I am working full time, internationally and it feels amazing.”



“In this way you would like to thank you again for the wonderful sessions with you. It was also nice to meet you. Noise has certainly … .

.. been cut. My thinking also seems calmer. I will learn to rethink some things … everything in its time! But all in all, a special and positive experience!”


Shannon Baldwin

“I am so happy to have found Manon, she has really helped with my precious, vibrant 11 year old weimaraner, Sawyer. Last fall I had taken him

on a trip & he got extremely ill. When I took him to the emergency vet, he was shaking from head to toe, they told me he was in pain & they couldn’t figure out why. They sent me away with pain meds, enough for a week to get me back to our regular doctor. Manon was able to work on him very quickly, it was amazing how fast he healed. She did the healing that night & the next day he was so much better. I gave him 2 pain pills, because I was concerned he might still be in pain, but by the 2nd day it was obvious he was fine & I discontinued them. We didn’t even bother going to the vet when we got home.

Then recently Sawyer’s face just looked off, something seemed to be bothering him. He wasn’t interested in going on a walk, which was very odd. I booked an appointment with Manon, and she did the healing on Sawyer that evening. The next day he was flat out spunky, even my very skeptical parents were impressed, they couldn’t deny that he seemed happier & like he felt better. His right eye had been watering, the next day it didn’t water once. He had been really cautious with stairs in the house, only using the front stairs & taking his time. The next day he bounded down the back stairs! His eyes were smiling & his body obviously felt much improved! Thank you so much Manon!”

Nivin T.

“The benefits I’ve experienced due to the animal reading with Manon was truly exceptional. I was having issues getting my dog, Jubie to calm down

and go to bed. She was just excitable all the time. We’ve tried various training techniques at this point and none of them seem to work. After a single session with Manon, she managed to pinpoint the specific cause and offered some very easy to follow instructions to solve it. Now, getting Jubie to go to sleep is a breeze. I simply call her name and she’s ready for bed. One session, exceptional results. Thanks Manon.”

Kelly E
Crows Nest, Sydney (Australia)

“After a frustrating 9 months of urination problems with our cat, Toby, a friend suggested a reading with Manon. She did just one reading with him and was able

to explain to us that he was very upset for unsettling his home life with renovations and that we would need to have a chat with him to apologise. Almost immediately, we noticed positive changes to his behaviour. He stopped urinating all over the house and for 3 months now, he has been happier and calmer. I would definitely recommend Manon’s services to anyone who has an animal with behavioural problems.”

Samantha Lopez

“Words cannot fully articulate the immense gratitude that I have for Manon and her beautiful soul. She has been a true light in our life,

one for which I will always be thankful for. My husband and I had just adopted a new family member, a border collie named Aalto and three weeks after bringing him home he became quickly and drastically ill. Within 3 days he went from having a slight cough to neurological twitches, abstaining from food and drink, decreased bowl movements, and extreme lack of energy. His respiratory system, digestive system, and neurological systems had been severely compromised just within days. I contacted Manon after taking him to the vet and being told that there was nothing that could be done to help him—that it might be best to put him down. Manon helped my husband and I get out of our own heads of desperation and fear (which are energies that were not helpful to Aalto’s healing process as he can feel and sense what we humans are going through as well). Manon quickly had a session with him making room in her schedule. After the first session Aalto began eating and drinking more and going potty. The second session he was able to stand up and walk around for short increments of time. The third session Aalto’s spirit was lifted; he had a sense of determination, faith and a complete shift in energy. He began believing he could heal and also would heal, most essentially that he deserved to heal. Throughout this entire health crisis Manon was calm, loving, and supportive, providing guidance and encouragement as well as extraordinary healing sessions where notable changes could be seen the following the session. Throughout this we had been searching for supplemental support from the medical community to help Aalto—2 out of the 3 vets told us euthanasia was our only option as they determined Aalto to have contracted Distemper (a disease they believed to be ‘incurable’ and fatal) —Manon sensed that it was not Aalto’s time to go and he would survive this – her faith helped Chris and I persevere and keep searching for other vets to help. The third doctor we took him to had a life saving surgery that had a 60% cure rate (eradicating the distemper virus from the systems of the body). The medical staff were astounded that Aalto was still alive as it had been 3 weeks since the virus initially set in. I know that the Thetahealing from Manon kept him going, supported, and alive until a medical treatment could be presented. It has been 2 months since these events, and Aalto is THRIVING. He is blowing the socks off his doctor, has completely beaten the odds, and is enjoying life. We are SO tremendously grateful for Manon stepping in, shifting the energy in our home towards positivity and love, and playing such pivotal role in Aalto’s healing process. Not only has he physically improved but also his emotional state is noticeably more at ease. He used to have separation anxiety when we would leave the house or even go upstairs in our home, crying and pacing until we returned— now he is calm, relaxed, and at ease, knowing he is safe as well as always loved and supported.”

Sydney, Australia

“I called Manon in quite a panic when Rafi, my kitten, got run over. He was in the vet hospital and traumatized with a broken pelvis and

suspected severed spinal cord. It really was touch and go whether he’d pull through and we were almost certain he would lose his tail. Theta Healing and Manon’s care and attention facilitated nothing short of a miracle. Within a day he was out of trauma and within 3 days he was back home, limping but getting around and most exciting of all he started to move his tail! The vets were amazed and we were delighted. Rafi is now a strong, magnificent animal and the proud guardian and friend to his little sister Suri. We are ever grateful to Manon and Theta Healing for this amazing miracle.”

Lut Slembrouck

“Manon is a highly professional animal communicator and healer. She is empathic in a cosmic way and seems to be able to reach out beyond the material boundaries

She saved my friends cat that suffered from a severe carbon monoxide. We called her in the middle of the night as the cat was dying and the cat is still alive and kicking! Txs Manon”

Cheryl Williams, Reiki healer
Dural NSW, Australia

“I find if you love your animal you know your animal. The love that Manon shared with my animal friends was overwhelming. Manon was able to accurately see

that my male peacock had hurt his right foot, told me what foods he likes, his attitude and behaviour was spot on. Manon told me about his past which I have since found out to be true. I also found that through this contact the peacocks are suddenly more aware that I do live on the same plane as them and have been more receptive of me as more than the human that feeds them. And for me as well, it confirms that I do understand and know them well.”


“I am very happy with the result of your healing for our dog Peppa who had terrible mouth ulcers and was in a lot of pain. She started to improve almost immediately

and now 3 weeks later I have the miracle that I was hoping for. Peppa is back to her old self and even a bit better in some areas. She is off the antibiotics and has improved since stopping. We gave her a bone to see if she would eat it and she did. She chewed on it for ages and just loved it. She is singing again – she howls to happy birthday – and barking again. She isn’t hiding under furniture any more and is running around and playing again. She is less jumpy and clapping doesn’t frighten her as much.”

Jeannette Emmelot
The Netherlands

“Bikkel, our wire-haired dachshund was a different dog before the healing. She was anxious, especially to humans. When we had visitors, she kept growling

and ignoring everyone until they had left. Moreover, she barked so loud, that it wasn’t very inviting to enter the house. After the treatment, she felt more and more comfortable. She has become less fearful which makes her react more quietly and her now “normal” barking stops quickly as well. She presently remains on her guard, lies quietly in her place and after a while comes out to greet carefully. I had not told anyone about the healing, but friends are experiencing Bikkel now differently. They say she seems more Zen and comment on her reacting in such a calmly manner. Nice compliments.
I very quickly noticed that Bikkel was more relaxed in our family. She seeks more contact with us, allows us to pet her much more and comes with toys to us. Previously, she came especially when we had a snack for her. Now, 2months later, she dares more and more. I’m really glad I did this for my dog !!!

Helen Penemenos, Wild Orchid Beauty
Double Bay Sydney, Australia

“Thank you for taking the time to do a reading on my dog Ralph. My family and I were quite amazed with the reading: you were spot on about our dog.

Honestly, it’s like you’ve know Ralph for a long time, because you described his behaviour exactly the way it is. We took your advice on how to treat him so as he stops doing his business in the house, and guess what? He has stopped and he now goes outside to do it. We talk to him more and show him twice as much love so he doesn’t feel so insecure and it has worked. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Thank you for doing a great reading on our cat MAX. Your reading made sense, Max is definitely the way you described him in nature. It’s so amazing how you can do readings from afar and be so spot on.”

Dorette, Singer, Songwriter

“Here a message about our cat Sirius. She’s been doing sooooo well since Manon did the healing! She is cheerful, interested, active, chases other cats away (she herself has a tear in her earlobe …) again, thank you so much, hopi danki !!

Honestly, it’s like you’ve know Ralph for a long time, because you described his behaviour exactly the way it is. We took your advice on how to treat him so as he stops doing his business in the house, and guess what? He has stopped and he now goes outside to do it. We talk to him more and show him twice as much love so he doesn’t feel so insecure and it has worked. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Thank you for doing a great reading on our cat MAX. Your reading made sense, Max is definitely the way you described him in nature. It’s so amazing how you can do readings from afar and be so spot on.”

Marcella, Chef, USA

I have a 20 year old doggy companion and in the last few weeks her legs have given out. Even though I am wholly devoted to caring for her in this last chapter of her life, she started to panic about having her needs met to the point of crying inexhaustibly through the night. I was becoming exhausted caring for her day and night and I didn’t seem to be able to comfort her. I contacted Manon as a last resort. Manon gave her such a loving healing. She really goes straight to the source. I am in California and she is in Holland, but I knew she had already given her healing, because my Sophie slept through the night and was able to communicate her needs to me without any crying. Sophie and I have been able to sleep three full nights now and during the day too she is calm, communicates without crying or panicking. She is even able to get herself up and tries to walk a little. I can’t thank Manon enough: it’s a little miracle, and for me a little big miracle. And the gift is that Sophie and I can both live this chapter gracefully. I highly recommend Theta healing with Manon! Emoji

Honestly, it’s like you’ve know Ralph for a long time, because you described his behaviour exactly the way it is. We took your advice on how to treat him so as he stops doing his business in the house, and guess what? He has stopped and he now goes outside to do it. We talk to him more and show him twice as much love so he doesn’t feel so insecure and it has worked. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Thank you for doing a great reading on our cat MAX. Your reading made sense, Max is definitely the way you described him in nature. It’s so amazing how you can do readings from afar and be so spot on.”

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