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Potentially you can achieve everything you want. When you unconsciously block yourself, it will remain impossible for you. You can have your doors closed to improvements of your relationships, physical and emotional health, success, abundance, money, appropriate work – in short, achieving all your goals and dreams.

Purpose of our consultation

In a personal consultation you will investigate why you unconsciously hold yourself back from what you desire and allow what you don’t want. Through a special questioning-technique the necessary information from your subconscious mind is brought to the surface. Intuitively Manon also receives additional information about your unconscious obstacles.

As a Mind Detective, Manon connects these pieces of information and finds patterns that have captured you. With the use of ‘muscle testing’ these obstructions are confirmed.

To free yourself from inner blockages, a deeply relaxed meditative ‘Theta’ state is used to gain access to the subconscious mind. With the ThetaHealing® techniques the desired changes are made in the deepest part of your being and the self-healing ability is improved.

Result of our consultation

After the blockages have been removed from your system, the testing will be done again. This verifies the deep changes. Now that doors have been opened for what you really want, you can actually receive and realize what you desire. Increase your chances in every area of ​​life!

Disclaimer: ThetaHealing Coaching does not replace medication, medical diagnosis and treatment by a doctor. Consult a doctor for this.

Physical health:

pain, illnes, diseases and disorders, allergies and intolerances, releasing excess weight.

Emotional well-being:

self-confidence, self-assurance, self-esteem, love for yourself, feeling better, joy and happiness, courage and strength, mourning process, letting go of stress, burnout, depression, traumas, anger, resentment, grudge, hatred, sadness, fear / phobias, nervousness, guilt , regret, addiction, sexual problems.


Being open to love and a soul mate / life partner, relationships at work and in personal life (with yourself and others).


Fulfillment through appropriate work.

Money and Abundance:

Allow receiving money and abundance.


Releasing limitations, improving performance, being successful in business and achieving goals and dreams.

Desired results can not be promised, however the testimonials show the achieved possibilities.

Read more about results with others in testimonials.

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  • Start coaching:

To achieve good results a startup trajectory is followed first. You can choose between the First Step Program of 4 consultations or the Basic Trajectory Self Worth Activation-Program of 6 consultations. These programs can then be expanded with additional trajectories, individual consultations and/or courses. We adjust the trajectory to what you need.

Relationship Therapy involves individual work. Start with the basic trajectory together and start with 3 consultations each.

  • Free of charge:

An exploratory conversation via Skype is free of charge. This can be requested via the contact page.

  • Compensation:

Your investment in coaching can be deducted under the name ‘study or training for work’ under certain conditions at the tax return. Because this can change, I refer you to the tax authorities. Coaching trajectories can be reimbursed by employers for business purposes. Business rates apply for this.

  • Investment:

Choose from the options below. Firstly book one of the two startup trajectories: First Step Program or the Basic Trajectory. Then the other trajectories or individual consultations can be booked. Read more details and book an appointment via the blue buttons.

  • Note:
    A deposit must be paid in advance for coaching packages of several sessions. Payment terms are agreed for the remaining amount. The pre- and post work is included in the price of the packages. For additional consultations, a deposit must be made in advance. Every consultation requires preparation and follow-up work. Per consultation, both the preliminary work and the after-work (pre-and post work) are always calculated together for approx. 15 min. This time investment is calculated in the hourly rate on top of the consultation time. The VAT is included in the price.

The hourly rates used corresponds to the Nobco Benchmark (Dutch Order for Professional Coaches Netherlands).

First Step Program:

4 x 75 min. ThetaHealing Coaching (300 min. total)
€495.00 (incl.vat)

Basic Trajectory Self Worth Activation-Program:

6 x 75 min. ThetaHealing Coaching (450 min. total) €745.00 (incl.vat)

Rhythm Trajectory:

4 x 75 min. ThetaHealing Coaching (300 min.)
This is an additional package to the First step Program or Basic Trajectory.
€495.00 (incl.vat)

Game of Life Trajectory:

7 x 75 min. ThetaHealing Coaching (525 min. total)
This is an additional package to the First step Program or Basic Trajectory.
€865.00 (incl.vat)

30 min. Child ThetaHealing Coaching

€54.45 per 30 min. (incl.vat)

60 min. ThetaHealing Coaching

€108.90 per 60 min. (incl.vat)

Consultation experiences with Manon:

Ms Smith

Sydney, Australia

“You could either sit in therapy sessions for 20 years, or you could get straight to the source of the problem with theta-healing and get on with your life.”



“It has changed my life, after years of being put down, picked on and laughed at. Thank you Manon for filling my world with love, excitement, awareness and bravery.”


Sydney, Australia

“I came out of my healing sessions feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, friends said I looked ten years younger and my entire life took a quantum leap forward.”

Maria B

Sydney, Australia

“What I received 3 days later was a miracle. While working on one issue, it completely healed another. My knees were in terrible pain with torn ligaments. After the ThetaHealing session, my knees were completely healed.”


Sydney, Australia

“The healing was very powerful, I felt the energy all across my body. The next day my physical problem was gone. I will recommend Manon to anyone, she is the real deal.”

Jess Lively

Online while traveling

“I love working with Manon! Through our sessions together I’ve reversed limiting and unconscious beliefs around food sensitivities. As a result, I now get to enjoy gluten, dairy, eggs, and peanuts without the worry… or bloating/acne/digestion issues that I used to have.”

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