Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® Seminar

with official ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s–Certificate.
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PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment fee of €150 is to reserve your place in the training. You have 14 days to change your mind.
The total cost for this course is €499,-
The remaining amount of €349,- can be paid up to 1 week before the start of the seminar.

With the Advanced training you will bring yourself to a higher level of ThetaHealing.
Learn an easier and faster way to apply the ThetaHealing techniques. Expand you knowledge and skills and gain a deeper understanding of the countless possibilities of this wonderful method of healing. You can learn how to do healing on plants, animals, crystals, companies, houses, land, etc.

You can further develop your intuition and increase your self-confidence with ThetaHealing. In this seminar you will also receive hundreds of ‘downloads’ of positive programs to strengthen and heal you at the deepest level. This will support you to be more in your power and live with more joy, better health, richer and happier.

The 3-day Advanced seminar together with the Basic training is a requirement for almost all other ThetaHealing seminars.

Read here what others say about the Advanced training.

Course outline:

  • Receiving hundreds of pure, supportive, important healing ‘downloads’
  • A ‘macro’ will be set up for you to be able to carry out your ThetaHealing in an easier and faster way.
  • You gain more knowledge and a better understanding of the seven Planes of Existence
  • Experience how you can heal the ‘broken’ soul
  • Discover how you can send ‘love to the baby in the woumb’
  • Learn how to instantly transform obstructing beliefs into supporting ones
  • Discover how you can lift vows, promises, oaths, commitments and contracts from other times and dimensions
  • Learn how to facilitate healing on plants, animals, crystal
  • Discover how to perform a healing on non-organic matter such as business, houses, jobs, land, etc.
  • Learn how to release ‘Free Floating Memories’ (anchored memories of surgery, trauma, etc.) from your system
  • Experience how you can contact an ancestor and do a reading
  • Discover how you can make contact with the Higher Self and carry out a reading
  • Learn how to manifest and create powerfully with the ThetaHeaing method
  • Practicing ThetaHealing
  • and much more …

The ThetaHealing® seminars are presented according to the teachings of Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing®.


3 consecutive days from 9:30 am – ca. 5 pm /5:30 pm.


Basis DNA


After participating in this training you will receive an official certificate from the THInK Institute. With this you are an official Advanced DNA ThetaHealing®-Practitioner.

Investment in yourself:

The 3-day Advanced DNA ThetaHealing seminar costs €499. This includes the manual, Vianna Stibal’s English Advanced book, coffee, tea and snacks. Lunch is not included..


Early registration ensures your place in the training. This requires a payment of €150 enrollment fee. You have 14 days to change your mind. The remaining amount of €349 can be transferred up to 1 week before the start of the seminar. See events for next training.

By registering for this seminar you agree to the following payment and cancellation conditions.

    1. Enrollment fee is for reserving a place in the training. You have 14 days to change your mind. The reflection period also applies if the enrollment is received within 14 days before the start of the training, but expires on the first training day and the student has participated in it.
    2. The remaining amount can be transferred up to 1 week in advance.
    3. In case of cancellation from the course participant up to 1 week before the start of the course, 20% of the remaining amount will be returned.
    4. In the event of cancellation by Manon de Jongh due to insufficient enrollments or other circumstances, you will of course receive back the amount paid for the seminar within 3 days. In case there are too few enrollments and the training can not take place, the participants will receive notification at the latest 3 days before the start of the seminar.

The information and statements on this website, in the seminars, advertisements, articles and videos are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease. The information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for competent medical care by your doctor or other health care professionals.



Testimonials Advanced DNA ThetaHealing Training:

Anita Olsen

Sydney, Australia

“If I had known just how transformational it would be, I would have found a way to do it sooner!”

tijd leer je een techniek dat grote overtuigingen en blokkades op kan lossen. Het voelt als een cadeau. Dit gun ik anderen ook. Manon, bereik zoveel mogelijk mensen!”

Liesbeth Kenters

The Netherlands

“I can smell again.”

gezondheid, geluk, liefde, vreugde, overvloed en wat een persoon voor zichzelf wil creëren.”

Inesz Tijsma

The Netherlands

“The advanced course was really revelating, purifying, enriching and reinforcing, giving, amazing and strong tools for healing and manifesting”

kunt ‘creëren’ vanuit het perspectief van het goddelijke.”

Marion Weber

The Netherlands

“A great way to free myself from traumas, beliefs and negativity. To get started with others. It makes a very nice contribution to a new and beautiful world. Thanks. Xxx”

kunt ‘creëren’ vanuit het perspectief van het goddelijke.”

Peggy Carbière

The Netherlands

“It is such a profound course. Everyone should take it”.

kunt ‘creëren’ vanuit het perspectief van het goddelijke.”

Alexandra Monti-Ginosa

Sydney, Australia

“ThetaHealing is so amazing and lovely Manon was the perfect teacher for a once in a life time experience that will stay with me for … always. I love it!

kunt ‘creëren’ vanuit het perspectief van het goddelijke.”

Dorette Pauptit

The Netherlands

“Super! Freeing yourself of a lot of limiting beliefs and traumas by the Creator ThetaHealing, so I can fully live my life with love and that I can create it. Only fantastic. Thank you Vianna for sharing for all your gifts, love and information.”

Anita Everaardt

The Netherlands

“Awesome. Unbelievable beautiful things seen and experienced. I am eager to get started!”

Anne-Marie Lamers

The Netherlands

“It gives a lot of possibilities, I have learned a lot, it makes it easier to apply what I had already learned in the basic course. Manon has a fine voice, which is nice with the long healing she gives with all the downloads. Do it!!”

Marcel van Rijn

The Netherlands

“Start to learn yourself to believe you can change everything around you, just to be you.”

Pauline van de Meer

The Netherlands

“Everyone should do this course. Should do this already at primary school. It is a pity if you miss this opportunity!”

Eveline Koomen

The Netherlands

“Very nice. Command piece easier making it easier to work. Again a lot of tidying up. Beautiful addition for yourself – enrichment. Practiced – tidy – enriched – learned.

K. Abel

The Netherlands

“Impressing. Easy to do, tremendous results. Eye opening. Very informative.”

Joke Lamers

The Netherlands

“Life enriching, simple and effective, beautiful material. Valuable for ever!”

Cora Weyman

The Netherlands

“It’s fantastic! It changes your life!

Liduin Ligthart

The Netherlands

“Super. Relief. Done a lot.”

Diana Capobianco

The Netherlands

“It is amazing. Everyone should learn this, it gives your life more joy, value, love.”

Juul Huisman

The Netherlands

“That you can do profound healings with ThetaHealing. That convictions can impede healing and can continue to ensure that repetitions continue. So essential.”

Suus Bettink

The Netherlands

“In an honest, humorous and open way I have made further steps within theta healing. Manon is a sweet, strong woman who stands firmly on her own two feet and guides you in all issues that arise. It were 3 amazing days.”

Tijn Bettink

The Netherlands

“Are you a supervisor / coach and do you want to help your client take steps faster? ThetaHealing is a great tool in your toolbox.
It was educational, plenty of room for questions, pleasant guidance and fun environment.”

Sabine Wagemakers

The Netherlands

“A beautiful training in which many aspects of life come to the surface. Manon has a warm personality and gives the training from her heart. Very educational and fun.”

Gertrud de Witte


“It was very nice to be immersed in the Theta healing energy again for 3 days. The Advanced is a beautiful

deepening after the Basic Training and has given me valuable extra (fast) tools to work with. And there was a lot of room to get started with your own themes, which was very nice. Manon gives the training with a lot of love, knowledge and wisdom and it is highly recommended to learn ThetaHealing with her!”

Marlies Buck


“The Advanced Training with Manon became a deepening of the Basic DNA training. They were 3 intensive

…days. In a way it became easier. Manon took all the time and guided very diligent. Afterwards I felt strong and energetic. On to the continuation.”

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