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Free online event

Experience how your subconscious mind can hold you back in what you want.

There are only 2 possibilities. You are REALLY open to something or not. Your door is open or closed. You may feel that you are ready for something and yet you can stop it unconsciously.

This event provides insight into how your subconscious determines your life and what you actually allow and what you don’t. Things in your life do not ‘just’ happen. YOU create it. You are the master of your life.

Fortunately, we can change the course of our lives. You can create opportunities that you do not have right now. Only when you resolve inner blockages and reprogram your subconscious and herewith align with what you want to achieve, will it be possible to realize your wishes, goals and dreams.

Register now. During this interactive event, I will discuss elements from the Basic Training and will review the following:

• Where do convictions come from that have been created and stored in our subconscious
• 4 belief levels
• Law of attraction
• How to identify deep blockages
• How you can eliminate self-sabotage for health, happiness, abundance, success, etc.
• With the testing-method that you learn, you will check for yourself subconscious beliefs. With this you will investigate whether your subconscious mind supports or counteracts you about certain themes
• Experience how blockages can be resolved instantly
• Experience the deep Theta-state while receiving a free healing

Jouw ervaringen zullen helemaal privé zijn. Tijdens het event kun je eventueel via de chatbox met Manon communiceren. Voor iedereen die dat wil lost Manon sommige blokkades op.

Your experiences will be completely private. During the event you can communicate via the chatbox with Manon. Manon eliminates some blockages for anyone who wants.

Step into your power by allowing the realisation of your wishes in the deepest part of your being. Increase your possibilities and improve your well-being in every area of life.

Take advantage of it, register at once and put the date (when known) in your diary!
If no date is known yet, you can also register for the next one. The date will be sent to you by email. Sharing this event is appreciated and you can also invite friends. Thanks in advance.

You will receive the login details by email 1 to 2 days before the event.
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Cancellation or rescheduling:

In case of impediment, an appointment can be changed or canceled at least 24 hours in advance free of charge. If you cancel within 24 hours, the entire costs of the planned consultation will be charged.

Responses to this online event:

MD about ThetaHealing

“T​hank you so much Manon, I love your webinars and all the healings you facilitate​, amazing​.​​”

MD about ThetaHealing

“It was beautiful. Super! Thank you!”

MD about ThetaHealing

“Very special, thank you!! I feel lighter.”

MD about ThetaHealing

“Wonderful to clear away. Thank you Manon.”

MD about ThetaHealing

“I also feel lighter. Very special, informative and very enlightening.”

MD about ThetaHealing

“It was very pleasant Manon. Well given. You are very calm and explain well.”

MD about ThetaHealing

“I also enjoyed it very much. You are indeed very calm, clear and very pleasant.”

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