Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Seminar

with official ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s–Certificate.
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When you come together with the two of you, each one of you will receive €50 scholarship back. 


PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment fee of €150 is to reserve your place in the training. You have 14 days to change your mind.
The total cost for this course is €499,-
The remaining amount of €349,- can be paid up to 1 week before the start of the seminar.

‘Mind’-Techniques for Health, Happiness and Success

In only 3 days you will learn a technique that you can apply to everything for the rest of your life. With this technique you can clean up your own inner blockages and limiting patterns in the deepest part of your core. ThetaHealing works through on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  

The 3-day basic-seminar is a requirement for almost all other ThetaHealing seminars.

This seminar is a wonderful gift to yourself. It will change your life and your view on it forever.

Read here what others say about the Basic training.

Basic DNA ThetaHealing Seminar program overview:

  • Learn how you can easily get into a Theta State within a few seconds and connect with the powerful ‘Energy of All That Is’
  • Discover different methods of muscle testing
  • Discover how you can identify the deepest causes of a problem / situation
  • Learn how to reprogram the subconscious on all four levels (core, genetic, historical and soul level)
  • Learn how to “download” positive feelings and solve anxiety and trauma
  • Learn how you can live without suffering, resentment, hatred, frustration, struggle, conflict, etc
  • Acquire knowledge about the seven planes of existence
  • Learn how to use your intuition and also scan and heal a body
  • Discover how you can easily restore the hormone balance
  • Practice complete ThetaHealing sessions
  • Learn how to do a healing on yourself and a group healing
  • Learn how to communicate with angels (Guardian Angel Reading)
  • Learn how to perform a future reading (Future Reading)
  • Discover how you can remove negative radiation energy
  • Discover how you can free yourself and your clients from entities, psychic attacks, curses
  • Learn how you can manifest your wishes in the powerful Theta state
  • Learn how to activate your 12 strands DNA and Youth and Vitality chromosome
  • and much more …

The ThetaHealing® seminars are presented according to the teachings of Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing®.


3 consecutive days from 9:30 am – ca. 5 pm /5:30 pm.

For whom:

This course is accessible for everyone. No initial level is necessary.

  • It is for everyone who would like to have more control over their own life and health and who can also steer both in the desired direction; for self-coaching / healing / anti-self sabotage / manifestation, for personal and/or professional development.
  • for Parents (think also about what you don’t want to pass on to your children)
  • for Coaches and Therapists; coaching / healing of others
  • Animal lovers; healing for animals


After participating in this training you will receive an official certificate from the THInK Institute. With this you are an official Basic DNA ThetaHealing®-Practitioner.

Investment in yourself:

The 3-day Basic DNA ThetaHealing seminar costs €499. This includes the manual, the English basic bookVianna Stibal’s English basic book, coffee, tea and snacks. Lunch is not included. No previous education is required for this course.


Early registration ensures your place in the training. This requires a payment of €150 enrollment fee. You have 14 days to change your mind. The remaining amount of €349 can be transferred up to 1 week before the start of the seminar. See events for next training.

By registering for this seminar you agree to the following payment and cancellation conditions.

  1. Enrollment fee is for reserving a place in the training. You have 14 days to change your mind. The reflection period also applies if the enrollment is received within 14 days before the start of the training, but expires on the first training day and the student has participated in it.
  2. The remaining amount can be transferred up to 1 week in advance.
  3. In case of cancellation from the course participant up to 1 week before the start of the course, 20% of the remaining amount will be returned.
  4. In the event of cancellation by Manon de Jongh due to insufficient enrollments or other circumstances, you will of course receive back the amount paid for the seminar within 3 days. In case there are too few enrollments and the training can not take place, the participants will receive notification at the latest 3 days before the start of the seminar.

The information and statements on this website, in the seminars, advertisements, articles and videos are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease. The information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for competent medical care by your doctor or other health care professionals.



Testimonials Basic DNA ThetaHealing Training:

Thomas Boots

The Netherlands

““I would definitely recommend the Basic DNA Training! A method with which you can immediately change patterns …

Very impressive. It was a supertraining!”

Vanessa Gomes Costa

The Netherlands

“I really recommend this training. Manon is very professional, making everybody comfortable. Definitely I will do more training …

with her. Time and breaks are perfect. The place where she do the training is also fantastic. Fantastic training. Dank je wel.”

Ilse Nierop

The Netherlands

“Recommended. Very enlightening and inspiring. I really liked it and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.”


The Netherlands

“This course makes you aware of many beliefs. The best thing is that the obstacles are solved on the spot. In a short time you will learn a technique that can solve large convictions and blockages. It feels like a gift. I also want this for others. Manon, reach as many people as possible!”

tijd leer je een techniek dat grote overtuigingen en blokkades op kan lossen. Het voelt als een cadeau. Dit gun ik anderen ook. Manon, bereik zoveel mogelijk mensen!”

Paul Fitzgerald

Sydney, Australia

“This course offers people a different and empowering way of living life and simple methods for creating health, happiness, love, joy, abundance and whatever a person wants to create for themselves.”

gezondheid, geluk, liefde, vreugde, overvloed en wat een persoon voor zichzelf wil creëren.”

Robin Mesman

The Netherlands

“Knowledge, wisdom and practice about life, programs, beliefs and how to ‘create’ changes from perspective of the Divine.”

kunt ‘creëren’ vanuit het perspectief van het goddelijke.”

Anita Olsen

Sydney, Australia

“This has been one of the busiest, most stressful periods I’ve had in over a decade of chronic illness. I’ve eaten every kind of food that usually triggers auto-immune attacks, and had very little sleep. All these factors combined would usually result in weeks of enforced rest, in chronic pain, or seizures.

Since studying Theta Healing with Manon, I’ve used it on every area of my life with miraculous results. I’ve been able to travel overseas (unthinkable 6 months ago!), eat every kind of previously forbidden food, get back into physical activity and be a normal, vibrant person.

Prior to learning Theta, I’d worked so hard with nutrition and other energy modalities. Although they were amazing too, Theta has been the game changer. Old grief, trauma, belief systems or energies that do not serve you are swept away in an instant, in a way that goes far deeper than anything else I’ve tried.

I’ve watched it transform my family, friends and clients; my home, my business and my ability to attract positive things into my life. It’s not the only wonderful healing technique out there, but in my experience, it’s the most effective.”

gebruikt met wonderbaarlijke resultaten. Ik ben in staat geweest om naar het buitenland te reizen (6 maanden geleden ondenkbaar!), alle soorten verboden voedsel te eten, terug in fysieke activiteit te gaan en een normaal, levendig persoon te zijn.    Voordat ik Theta leerde kennen, had ik zo hard gewerkt met voeding en andere energiemodaliteiten. Hoewel ze ook geweldig waren, was Theta de game-changer. Oud verdriet, trauma, overtuigingssystemen of energieën die je niet dienen, worden in een oogwenk weggevaagd, op een manier die veel dieper gaat dan alles wat ik heb geprobeerd.    Ik heb gezien hoe het mijn familie, vrienden en klanten transformeerde; mijn huis, mijn bedrijf en mijn vermogen om positieve dingen in mijn leven aan te trekken. Het is niet de enige geweldige helende techniek die er is, maar in mijn ervaring is deze het meest effectief.”

Leanne Scott 

Sydney, Australia

“ThetaHealing basic course is an incredibly powerful course allowing one to tap into their own amazing abilities of insight, intuition and energetic abilities. It truly addresses core blocking beliefs and emotions at the deepest level.“


Sydney, Australia

“Transformational on such a deep level, you won’t be the same person again. I had already done so much work on myself with other modalities that I was floored by the massive shifts that happened on Manon’s DNA ThetaHealing course.”

Joke Lamers

The Netherlands

“Manon de Jongh has a very pleasant, natural and reliable way to transfer ThetaHealing.The course was a revelation ThetaHealing is fast, simple and effective.”

Bonnie Jensen

Sydney, Australia

“Manon is fun and very clever and loving and knowledgeable. She is a natural-born teacher and gives so very much! We were very blessed to spend this time with her wise soul.”

Saskia Spee

The Netherlands

“If this course comes your way, grab it to study it. It is really a gift for yourself and you can help so many others with it. DO IT! So glad I did this course! Thank you, Manon.”

Arnold le Belle

The Netherlands

“Impressive. Knowledgeable teacher. Healing. Thanks Manon. A wonderful gift!”

Helen Penemenos

Wild Orchid Beauty, Double Bay, Australia

“This is a course that is a must in life, it should be second nature. This should be taught in schools before children graduate and enter into the big world as adults.”

Karen Groen

The Netherlands

“Faith. Hope. Love. Everything comes together. I have never seen and felt so much love all together.”

Inesz Tijsma

The Netherlands

“This course was very inspiring for me and gave me the tools to shape, create and manifest my life in a respectful and elegant way. Manon is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of ThetaHealing.”

Christina Brooks

Sydney, Australia

“This course helps you to grow personally and do understand the power of ThetaHealing. I feel I have blossomed during the course.”

Liduin Ligthart

The Netherlands

“It is important to clear things from your past. It is great to do this from previous lives as well. You do not have to carry things with you anymore. Then it is a liberation. Thank you, Manon.”

Natascha Kieft

The Netherlands

“Manon is a good and patient teacher, radiates lovely energy. The course has given me a huge perspective of contact with the Creator and how simple yet powerful it is – if you know (and trust) how that is done. Recommended !! Beautiful gift for yourself – Best “Internal spring clean” – ever! Thanks Manon, Keep up the good work.”

Inge van Duin

The Netherlands

“The education can really be a big change in your life when you understand you cán create your own life! Manon is a superteacher. I really love her!”

Sheree Neumann

Sydney, Australia

“ThetaHealing® is an essential tool for enhancing quality of life effectively and easily healing the mind and body from dis-ease and imbalance. I recommend learning the art of Theta Healing® as total body medicine.”


Sydney, Australia

“You feel relaxed, you feel empowered, you get more conscious about everything and you do believe that you can change everything you want.”

Bea Verzaal

The Netherlands

“It connects you with the universal divine powers inside and outside yourself and teaches you how to heal and create and to remove and replace beliefs that cause obstruction. Manon does this in a relaxed and natural way.”


The Netherlands

“I have experienced the course as ‘amazing’. New insights and applications to bring about a fundamental change in my life as life is intended. I will certainly apply this much and often to myself and others. Very nice how we were taught.”

Alexandra Monti Ginosa

Sydney, Australia

“It is life changing. I just can’t wait to start my new journey now that Manon has taught me and share Vianna’s incredible healing technique.”

Carla Kroes

The Netherlands

“It is a simple way of healing, everyone can learn it.”

Trudy Dittmar

The Netherlands

“Clear course. Well substantiated.”

Marcel van Rijn

The Netherlands

“Teach yourself a technique that is so close to you and that you can give you and bring you a lot in life.”

Diana Capobianco

The Netherlands

“I would like to say to others it’s a miracle and the course will change your life in a positive way. Thank you, it’s amazing!

Cristine Escalante Ochoa

The Netherlands

“It shows you a glance of what is possible to achieve for you and for others by letting yourself open to the supreme love. This throughout a lot of information and practice within yourself and with others. It let’s you experience how nice is the feeling when you take part in helping someone.”

Peggy Carbière

The Netherlands

“A training full of wonderful experiences in which in a short time só many convictions are cleared up. The trainer is very knowledgeable and takes you into the material in a sacred way. The energy and her enthusiasm can not be ignored :0) Wonderful! How much we have learned.”

Yvonne Martin

Sydney, Australia

“Very understanding material, very easy to follow. Most exciting course I had done. I know my life will never be the same. My new life has begun.
If you are searching for your life to change and have a new meaning, Do THIS COURSE!!!”

Helenka Jindrová

The Netherlands

“The course is very interesting. In three days I learned a lot and now I can clear a lot for myself and others.”


The Netherlands

“I have a huge love for the ThetaHealing technique. It’s a fairly easy way to heal yourself and others. The information you receive changes your whole life and supports your feelings, beliefs and wishes. I have a great appreciation for Manon. You place a lot of love in and around us!”

Sine Dellit

Sydney, Australia

“Manon is a born teacher and her enthusiasm for the material and her experience and expertise as a ThetaHealer shines through. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting through personal blocks and learning or working on manifestation.”

Cora Weyman

The Netherlands

“It is awesome! Not hard to learn and you can do SO MANY great things with ThetaHealing. And there is immediate result! So nice to do!”

Richard Buijtenhek Coach, Zandvoort,

The Netherlands

“Beautiful training, learned a lot with very useful healings that are very helpful to you in the rest of your life. Certainly well applicable. I must say, I can recommend this training to anyone. Really very good.”

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